Saturday, November 28, 2015

How are Custom Bowling Balls Made

Custom Bowling Balls
When you first see Custom Bowling Balls, you may think that is easy to create and build one. But, you are wrong. One of the most complicated processes in the bowling sport is the creation of custom bowling balls.
Every ball is designed for a specific roll on the lane.

The Core of Custom Bowling Balls

The heart of a bowling ball is the core. It explains the way your ball reacts to the roll. It depends on the core's shape and technology the effect of the bowling ball. The manufacturers build the balls based on the customers need and preference. Usually, the core position is chosen by manufacturers because they have to drill the holes.

The outer core

After the core is finished building, then it's the outer core turn to be built. The core is placed and centered and then is filled with a material, which is a combination of glass microfibers and other denser filler. Different manufacturers use different materials and combinations to change the balls weight but always keeping it under 27 inches.

The visible surface of Custom Bowling Balls

Now, its turn for the visible surface of custom bowlingballs to be built. The shaped ball and a plastic paint surface are applied. This whole process leaves some small holes in the ball surface. These holes are filled with oil on the lane allowing the ball to hook just like it is designed.

Once that's finished, it's thrown into the oven until hardened.  A quick drill for our pro shop's reference and it's time to finish up with some shine.

The Polish

On this process, it's just a matter of applying some chemicals and then putting some consistency and speed using a machine. Smoothing the ball's surface and applying polish chemicals will slightly affect the ball's reaction to the lane condition. If the ball is heavily polished, they may hydroplane on well-oiled lanes but only the right amount will give you a perfect combination of striking power and hook action.

And that's how the ball got to your doorstep!  Now, all you have to do is just a matter of getting it drilled.

Drilling Process

Even it is the last part of building a custom bowling balls, the drilling process is very important. Making some holes into your balls is something only a professional bowler or a pro shop can handle. You have to measure your hand and make the right marks on the ball.

Always keep in mind that as with everything, a great bowlingball is only as good as it's his user. So keep practicing! The ball can help you express yourself, but the skill is what really matters when it comes to smashing the pins and win the game.  Always practice your bowling skills, get educated and disciplined on lane conditions by learning the oil levels on the lane and watch your average get higher as you improve your game. And, always remember, it's only a game and Have Fun!

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